February 16, 2014


Tree Musketeers Provides the Following Residential and Commercial Tree Service San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas.

Tree Trimming

Raising of canopy, roof clearance, shaping of tree, work done from ground with pole saws and pole pruners. This service is done generally to avoid roof, house, and vehicle damage. For a more complete tree care service see tree pruning.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Although forest trees grow quite well with only nature’s pruning, landscape trees require a higher level of care to maintain their safety and aesthetics. Pruning should be done with an understanding of how the tree responds to each cut. Improper pruning can cause damage that will last for the life of the tree, or worse, shorten the tree’s life. Tree Musketeers offers levels of pruning to cater to your budget. Call today for an estimator to come by and explain different levels while providing a free quote.

Ball Moss Removal

Ball Moss, is a flowering plant (not a true moss) that grows upon larger host plants. It is not a parasite like mistletoe, but an epiphyte like its relative Spanish moss. Ball Moss may hinder tree growth by competing for sunlight and some nutrients and by restricting available surface area for new branch sprouts from the host tree. We offer three levels of ball moss removal, level 3 (65% ball moss removal), level 2 (80% ball moss removal) and level 1 (95% ball moss removal), to cater to your budget. Call today for a free estimate.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal can be a dangerous task. We use up to date rigging and climbing gear to safely remove any tree. Our two million dollar liability insurance policy is in place for your peace of mind, since accidents do happen.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling involves the installation of hardware that is intended to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure. Support cables are used to reduce tree damage by limiting the lateral movement of branches and increasing the weight that a supported branch joint can sustain. Call today for one of our estimators to walk you through the cabling process.