February 26, 2014

Ball Moss Removal

Can Tree Musketeers Help me with Ball Moss Removal in San Antonio?

Ball Moss, is a flowering plant (not a true moss) that grows upon larger host plants.   It is not a parasite like mistletoe, but an epiphyte like its relative Spanish moss.  Ball Moss may hinder tree growth by competing for sunlight and some nutrients and by restricting available surface area for new branch sprouts from the host tree.

Ball Moss RemovalIf you need Ball Moss Removal, contact us for a free estimate.

We offer three levels of ball moss removal, level 3 (65% ball moss removed), level 2 (80% ball moss removed) and level 1 (95% ball moss removed), to cater to your budget. Call today for a free estimate for Ball Moss Removal San Antonio can count on.