February 16, 2014

Tree Bracing

How can Tree Musketeers help me with Tree Bracing in San Antonio?

Cables and brace rods help reduce the risk of limb failure.   They are intended to limit the movement of branches during heavy winds and reduce likelihood of failure.

Tree Bracing in San Antonio Texas United States of AmericaThis is especially important when large limbs are over a structure and removal of limb would damage the trees health. Tree bracing rods are installed to provide support where unions of weak branches take place. why spend the money to support trees rather than removing them? first off mature trees increase property value immensely, the value of a tree is estimated by the cost it would take to replace the tree with another tree of the same size.

Supplemental structural support should only be installed after a thorough inspection of tree structure. tree musketeers will gladly spend some time evaluating problem areas and providing solutions at no cost. we strive to keep Texas’s heritage trees healthy for coming generations.